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Jan Eriksen


Jan Eriksen has led a life that reads like the script of an action movie! As a former pimp and drug lord, he experienced the dark reality of a world of violence, murder, rape and prostitution. It was from this living hell that God saved him, restored him and healed him.

Today, Jan travels the world to share hs remarkable story and has been instrumental in leading thousands of people to a living relationship with Jesus Christ. A key aspect of his ministry is teaching others to win souls for Christ.

 After his conversion Jan worked for Teen Challenge in Norway where he headed up street ministry, reaching out to drug addicts, pimps and prostitutes, some of whom were his former friends and colleagues. Under the leadership of David Wilkerson, he led Teen Challenge outreaches on the streets of New York for six months. seventeen years ago Jan founded Street Aid, a ministry that has developed into Scandinavian`s most effective ministry among drug addicts and prostitutes. Street Aid is now active in cities across Europe, working closely with various Christian rehabilitation centres and enjoys the support of many church denominations.


 After spending some time under the leadership of Rhema Bible Church in Johannesburg, South Africa, the call of God on Jan`s life to work on the streets became even clearer. God was calling Jan to not only go himself but to raise others up take the Gospel to places where no other Christians would go. With this purpose in mind, Jan established Street Ministries International, ministering all over the world and working closely with local churches in the cities.

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