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nations across the world with thousands receiving Jesus as their Saviour.


Through street evangelism and outreach meetings in prison countless more lives have been changed by the message of the Gospel.


God has given Street Ministries International the key to the drug and prostitution strongholds in cities across the world and they are using it to open doors that have been closed to the Gospel, until now.


Our Vision

Christian mission work is often equated with missionaries working in developing countries on the African continent or elsewhere.


However, the street of the big cities in Europe, the USA and other "wealthy" nations provide one of the biggest mission challenges there is.

The vision of Street Ministries International is to equip Christians to go to the darkest places and bring salvation to those who live without God and without hope in this world.

 To achieve this vision, Street Ministries International regularly hosts Evangelism Training Seminars where believers are trained to be effective soul-winners.

These seminars include training Christians to effectively communicate with people in their day to day settings as well as practical outreaches.


The week usually culminates in an big evangelistic meeting where students go out into the streets and bring in the lost to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The aim is to equip those who attend the Evangelism Training Seminars as effective ministers, so that they can be a blessing to their local churches and communities. 


Street Ministries International has had meetings in some of the biggest churches in Europe, the USA, South Africa and other


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